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Novillo Sportfishing Association Scholarship Program

Just like everywhere education on the youth is vital to the success of our countries.  Mexico is no exception.  In our little area of Mexico, the government provides education to the children through middle school.  The expenses for high school and college must be funded by the family and, or the community. 

Until recently children from our area that could afford the expense of high school had to attend the high school in Mazatan, about 45 miles from San Pedro.  The parents of the students combined their funds and rented a house in Mazatan and the mothers of the children would take turns spending the week in Mazatan to take care of the children. 

In 2016, with money raised locally, our association assisted, finally built a high school in San Pedro to service San Pedro, Batuc Tapupa and the surrounding area.  This saved the families a great deal of money, however it still costs about $1000 US per year for each student.

Once the children graduate from high school most do not have the funds to attend college in Hermosillo.  Not counting housing and living expenses the cost per year per student is estimated to be about $3000 US per year.

In the past members of our association have assisted or fully funded the education for individual students.  A number of our members have asked us to develop a formalized scholarship program to assist deserving students further their education.  West Middagh, our association Scholarship Chairman, is in the process of developing this program for us.  Unfortunately, we are getting of to a rather slow start as a result of the virus.  West in fluent in Spanish and will be meeting with the heads of the middle and high school in San Pedro to get their input as it relates to the student selection.  He will also be reaching out to our members for ideas and recommendations.

West will also be developing different funding ideas to give the members and other interested parties a chance to participate in this very valuable program.

Please feel free to reach out to West or one of your board members with your ideas or comments. Contact Us.

Scholarship Recipients of 2021

We are happy to announce that Novillo Sportfishing Association Scholarship Committee, headed by West Middagh, has selected two fantastic recipients. Andrea Acosta from Batuc, and Ximena Castillo from San Pedro.
Scholarship Recipient Andrea Acosta NovilloSportfishingcom
From left to right: Pete, Jack, Andrea Acosta (Recipient), Karina (Mother), Rene (Father), West (Scholarship Chairman)
Scholarship Recipient Ximena Castillo NovilloSportfishingcom
From left to right: Pete, Jack, Ximena Castillo (Recipient), Jorge (Father), West (Scholarship Chairman)
Both ladies graduated at the top of their class in high school and are still very active in their communities. Andrea is currently in school in Hermosillo studying medicine and Ximena will be in Hermosillo studying architecture. Everyone knows their parents. Andrea’s father, Rene, was the launch captain last year and Ximena’s mother is Veronica at the gas station. Both ladies come from fine families. Congratulation to both Andrea and Ximena and their families!
Because of the generosity of a few of our members, Mike and Sylvia Verlander, Jack and Donna Simmons, Bill and Belle Middagh, Gene Rook, West Middagh, Mario Southern and Ryan McNellis we were able to give each recipient $1500 this semester and if they continue to do well, which I am sure they will, we have another $1500 each for next semester. West will be monitoring their spending and success. The two ladies will be attending our annual meeting to share their success with us.
We will be conducting a fantastic raffle, raise additional money so we can continue helping these recipients and more in the future. Contact Jack Simmons. However, if you are moved to help with this cause, we thank you in advance!

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