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About the campaign

Novillo Sportfishing Association Annual Lake Clean Up Program

History of Netting in Mexico

Since the 1980s, netters come from all over Mexico and Central America to net fish from the lake. Laws and rules have been made since the start of the professional netting business at El Novillo by the Mexican authorities regulating the practice including regarding leaving nets in the water and trash on the shores. The local netters abide by these rules and laws, however it is unfortunate that the majority of the “transient netters”, those who travel from lake to lake, end up leaving abandoned nets in the water and leave trash from their camps on the shorelines that washes into the lake.

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The shores become clogged with trash and the nets remain a hazard to both fish and fisherman alike. When the netting began, most of the nets were nylon line and stretched only 20 to 30 yards. Most of these older nets would disintegrate within a year or two. However, over the years, as manufacturing improved, the nets have become much longer and vastly more durable. Some now reach 200 yards in length and can be ten feet or more deep. They can block access to entire coves or channels. These newer nets can last for many years, underwater or in the sun. While these newer, longer, and tougher nets can provide more income for the netters, for some reason the majority of these transient netters still do not pick up their nets, choosing instead to leave them in the water when the season ends on April 15.

Novillo Sportfishing Association and Locals take a Stand

Beginning in 2014, the Novillo Sportfishing Association began a campaign to clean the nets and trash from the lake. Working side by side with the local netters and other concerned citizens from the nearby towns, the Association has diligently provided both labor and funding to clean up the nets and trash left by the uncaring transient netters.

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This year, as in years past, the Association will pay the local netters to clean the nets and trash from the lake in the month of July, when, historically, the water levels are at their lowest. Performing this task at the low water level means more nets and trash can be removed from the lake. The local netters are not netting the lake at this time as it is out of season and they look forward to being able to work. Our Association looks forward to assisting them by paying them for their efforts.

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Cost of Clean Up

This year the projected costs of the El Novillo Lake Cleanup Project will be $4,000.00 USD. This money is used to pay for the labor, fuel and materials used by the locals to go out and clean the nets and trash from the lake. It is hard, back-breaking work that must be done in the oppresive heat of July. We greatly appreciate the efforts these fine individuals make to perform this task and we look forward to funding this great project every year.


Your Support is Needed

Your financial support is crucial in our efforts to accomplish this task! Our goal is to raise at least the goal of $4000.00 USD. Every dollar raised will go towards this continuing effort to make EL Novillo the Cleanest Lake in Mexico!

If you’re a member or not, you can contribute by making a donation. Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated. If you care about the environment of the El Novillo, wish to support the local community, please make a donation of any amount.

All donations for this annual project not only enhance the beautiful lake environment, it also helps support the local community, and builds a stronger community relationships.

Thank you in advance for your attention and donation!


Lake El Novillo Clean up Report 2021

Novillo Sportfishing Association is currently paying for 4 boats and 8 men to clean up the trash and nets in the water and on the shore. I can tell you, from first-hand experience, these guys and doing a fantastic job. They are getting everything and piling it on the bank and lighting it up. Pete and Fernando are monitoring their progress and doing a great job. When you see either of them or any of the guys on the lake please stop and thank them for their efforts. It is really hard and hot work! We thank all that have donated in keeping Lake El Novillo beautiful and supporting the local community.
Donations are greatly appreciated for this on going annual event.  

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