Novillo Sportfishing Scholarship Program

Just like everywhere education on the youth is vital to the success of our countries.  Mexico is no exception.  In our little area of Mexico, the government provides education to the children through middle school.  The expenses for high school and college must be funded by the family and, or the community.

Lake El Novillo Clean Up

Donate to Our Annual Lake Clean Up

The Novillo Sportfishing Association holds an annual lake clean up every year!  Our goal is to keep the lake clean of any trash and nets, ensuring that the fishing and lake experience at El Novillo is pleasant and enjoyable.

Working in association with the local the communities, the Novillo Sportfishing Association members volunteer and pay the locals to help to remove all the trash and nets they can gather.   This is a big task that our Association is committed to in keeping with our goal of:

Keeping El Novillo the “Cleanest Lake in Mexico”