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Our Story


The Novillo Sportfishing Association is made up of a collection of largemouth bass fishing aficionados from both the United States and Mexico. North Americans started enjoying El Novillo when the lake opened in the early 1960s. As the fishing got better, more and more fishermen were drawn to the lake for the fantastic fishing experience.

Over the years the gringos and the Mexican community developed an inter-dependent relationship, helping each other improve the experiences each enjoyed at the two pueblos of San Pedro de la Cueva and San Juan de Batuc. Since the gringos arrived, there has always been a group, (which changed faces often over the years), who have spearheaded the interactions between the fisherman and the locals. The Association was formally created in 1993. We were very fortunate to have as the first official president a gentleman, Vic Daniels, who with his wife, Mary Lou, took charge of the Novillo Sportfishing Association. Vic and Mary Lou managed the affairs and relationships of the Association and produced the Newsletter, (from the first in June, 1994), for at least 20 years to keep us all informed on a consistent basis.

Currently we have members from two countries and fourteen states. Fishermen and fisherwomen come from the following states, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington and Sonora, MX., to enjoy the fabulous fishing and unsurpassed Mexican hospitality from the local citizenry.

Our Values


The main goal of the Association has always been to assist our membership with their efforts to enjoy their fishing and visiting experiences at El Novillo. We establish and promote guidelines for members and others to promote healthy and sustainable fish populations for the lake. Our goal is to have El Novillo be “The Cleanest Lake in Mexico”.

We also realize that we are guests in such a special place and that the citizens of the local communities have welcomed us with open arms. The Association has strived to assist the local communities to support the charities, medical facilities, churches, schools and businesses. Through these personal efforts and financial contributions, the Association is highly regarded in the local communities.



Our Mission


As a group, we want to support and encourage responsible fishing and the preservation of all the wonderful experiences to be enjoyed at El Novillo. We strive to create a strong and meaningful bridge between those that visit this wonderful place and those who live here, often for many generations.

The Novillo Sportfishing Association engages in a number of worthy activities which directly affect the fishing and the lake; encouraging catch and release, fish stocking and lake clean up. Our organization has become a vital link to the surrounding communities, bringing many different aspects of employment, as well as also providing the financial means to improve local building, providing water pumps and filtration systems, improving the internet, securing medical supplies, delivering a school bus and an ambulance to the local communities, and creating educational scholarships which allow local children to reach for higher education opportunities which would be unavailable to them otherwise.

We accomplish these goals by the generous financial donations and active hard work provided by our members. Unlike many other charity activities, our members get to see the fruits of their efforts directly. They are able to see the lake continuing to improve, both from a fishing point of view, and to demonstrate what a co-operative effort can accomplish to enrich the lives and experiences of everyone. They can see and talk to the various individuals who improve their lives through education, thanks to the scholarships, and watch children riding the school bus and drinking the clean water.

What could be more fulfilling than to enjoy all of this AND have the best fishing around?

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